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Terra Divisa

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Description: “Caelus, a land divided. The nation of Aeria, high in the skies. The nation of Industria, struggling to survive after the destruction of its people. The nation of Opaca, thriving underground. Although they exist as individuals, the boundaries between these three nations are not as strong as one might expect. Become a denizen of Caelus. Choose to aid your people, or work with others to restore the land to what it once was. The fate of the world is in your hands”

Terra Divisa is a tabletop RPG developed in 10 weeks for a MS course at UC Santa Cruz. At the end of the course, the RPG was published  on Amazon.

On this project, we all contributed to the main lore, but my main efforts went to the Combat System, as well as Google Sheets (to make item and monster generation according to set levels and attributes).

May 2015

Terra Divisa

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