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TutorIQ from ABCmouse

Worked as a Full-Stack engineer contractor from 2Mundos. Developed new features and gave support to existing systems.

Description: TutorIQ™ connects your child with professional educators for live tutoring sessions providing personalized and accelerated learning your child will enjoy. Through TutorIQ’s cross-platform design, ALL sessions are easy to attend using any device from your home, your car, or anywhere with internet access!

TutorIQ utilizes the award-winning curriculum from ABCmouse designed by our extensive team of educators and other learning experts. These experts draw on their knowledge of research-based principles to craft engaging education content and enrich your young learner's educational experience.

Cross-Platform Design
TutorIQ's unique cross-platform design lets students connect with our tutors through their computer, tablet, or phone anywhere, anytime.

Small Group Setting
TutorIQ gives your child the kind of personalized learning experiences only available in a small group setting. Learning is accelerated—giving them exactly what they need when they need it, and in a context and format designed especially for them.

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Feb 2020

TutorIQ from ABCmouse

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