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UNBINARY is a VR puzzle adventure, entirely hand-painted. Meet Webby, a super AI made from human behavior data and candidate to rule planet Earth. Wear three masks that offer varied physical interactions in VR, and change the way the world reacts to you. Is she ready to fulfill her purpose?


  • VRTK integrations

  • Created tools (auto-setup objects)

  • Implemented framework bits into prefabs (building blocks)

  • Navigation

  • Comfort (teleport systems, rotation)

  • Feedback

  • Audio

  • Generic audio tools

  • FMOD tools

  • Editor preview tools

  • Impact strength

  • Subtitles

  • Subtitle system

  • Authoring subtitles inside Unity

  • Editor tools (importing, audio, subtitles)

  • Auto setup objects for VRTK interactions

  • Pipeline importing (animation, Quill -> Unity)

  • Visualizers (camera teleport, etc)

  • Custom Inspectors (designer friendly)

  • Events System

  • Custom attributes (required reference, etc)

  • Gameplay

  • Interactions (objects)

  • Input for the different controllers

  • Scene loading

  • Core systems (level loading, input, events system)

  • Debug

  • UI

August 2019 - February 2020


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