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About me

I am a Game Designer and Programmer with a BS in Computer Science from UFS (Brazil), and an MS in Games and Playable Media from UC Santa Cruz (USA). During my BS, I could sharpen my programming and problem-solving skills. For my masters, with a scholarship from my government, I was able to dive deeper into the beautiful world of game design and development. Over there, I had the chance to learn from industry veterans, such as John and Brenda Romero.

I have been making games for more than 6 years, and I am most qualified in Unity and C#, but I also have experience with VRTK, XNA, Kinect SDK, Oculus SDK, Java and C/C++.

Ping, my Master’s game thesis, was a finalist for Dare to be Digital 2016 in Scotland, where we spent two weeks working on a demo to showcase at Dare ProtoPlay for four days. This was an amazing and humbling opportunity as we finally had our game being played by hundreds of people. Ping was also showcased at Minecon 2016 a couple months afterwards.


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