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ABCmouse Zoo

Worked as a Unity 3d contractor from 2Mundos. Took part on the project from beginning to launch, and gave support post-launch.


  • Implemented UI
    Content, transitions, interactions, and so on.

  • Gameplay

  • Audio
    Implemented most of the audio systems including a fading system written from scratch, that would take into account audio priority and figure it out fading according to that. This system made audio pop less, providing a much more smooth experience.

  • Localization

  • Post-launch support

Description: Children love to learn about animals! The ABCmouse Zoo app, from the producers of the award-winning Early Learning Academy curriculum, features 15 kinds of animals, presented in photorealistic animations, that you and your child can visit anywhere, anytime—even while offline!

Current ABCmouse members can use this app for free just by logging in. And if you’re not a member yet, you can subscribe through this app to access the full ABCmouse experience and begin your family’s learning adventure. 

The ABCmouse Zoo app offers
• 15 animated exhibits 
• 15 basic facts and 15 advanced facts for each animal
• 4 interactive quizzes for each animal 
• Language development and vocabulary building

ABCmouse TM & © 2007-2018 Age of Learning, Inc.

Feb 2020

ABCmouse Zoo

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